Running a podcast like Wapcaplets is cheap... something like $100 a year cheap. I'm just a gamer like the rest of you and I don't really think my five minute blurbs are anything that you should have to pay for. I'm flattered and honoured that you choose to listen to what I have to say.

I do not take donations. If you want to donate your money, donate it to a charity that you like. If you don't know any I can suggest some. I am not producing Wapcaplets in the hope of "monetizing" it. Some podcasters are trying that through various means and, to those who are, more power to them. What I am going to do is set up some ways that, if you feel like supporting Wapcaplets financially, there's a way for you to do so. What I'm doing is setting myself up as an affiliate with some other websites. I figure if there's stuff you're going to spend your money on, anyway, a great way to support Wapcaplets would be to click on some of the affiliate links below.

Wapcaplets' Amazon Store - Let me start off by saying that, if possible, you should buy the products listed below from your friendly local game store. That being said, I also firmly believe that game stores should add value to your purchase in some way. If you don't live near a friendly local game store or your local game store is run by some fat-beard that gives you no respect please CLICK HERE to buy from the Wapcaplets Amazon Store. - Do you play games like Monsterpocalypse, D&D Minis, HeroClix, or Star Wars Minis? If you do then please CLICK HERE and sign up at I've been using this site for years and it's the best online trading community I've seen. I've made over 50 trades and never had a problem. It's the slickest interface for cataloging your collection, searching other people's collections, and finding the minis you want that I've ever seen, bar none. The site has a premium section but this is optional and signing up for the site is free with no pressure. If you sign up using the links above you'll grant Wapcaplets a commision if you decide to sign up for the premium service. - This is a companion site run by the same folks as only for collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering, World of Warcraft TCG, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and many others. CLICK HERE for Wapcaplets' affiliate link at and if you choose to sign up for premium service you'll grant Wapcaplets a commision.

NOTE: Accounts at and are one and the same (i.e. if you're signed up for one site you're signed up for the other). Purchasing premium service on one site grants you premium service on both.

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